About image  I’m Liz.

We probably haven’t met, but you know me. I was that girl in high school with the heavy boots and army coat who came to class late and sat in the back of the room scratching Patti Smith lyrics into her desk with a nail file. I never talked very much (indeed you may never have even heard my voice). Instead I wrote a lot of bad poetry, twisted fairy tales and punk diatribes.

Today, I still write a lot and most of its still very bad but I talk a lot more.

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • If it means anything to you, I’m an INFP and a Ravenclaw.
  • my greatest achievement so far in life was finding my way home that time I ran away from Girl Guide camp.
  • I greatly enjoy lying around fantasizing that my room is painted scarlet and pretending the floor is made of lava.
  • I dream of owning a really comfortable bed, traveling the world and being friends with old movie stars (and not like in their prime, but in 80s and 90s when they were all really old with bad facelifts and living in seclusion like Norma Desmond or Vampira)
  • I have never been to either Disneyworld or Disneyland, but has been inside the gates at Buckingham Palace.
  • My favourite fictional character is Lisa Simpson.
  • My favourite word is either vociferous or overwrought, possibly vacillate
  • I use way too much ketchup
  • I loves camping, exploring, and frequently take long walks in the middle of the night

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